Drink Design

The right drink design can help the brand stand out on the shelf and create a positive relationship with the target consumer. A well-designed label will create interest, while a poorly designed label may confuse the consumer and ineffectively communicate the brand and key product benefits. A professional drink designer can help construct an eye-catching drink design that effectively communicates the brand's attributes and creates an emotional response from the consumer.

Studying the competition will reveal what works and what does not with regard to drink design. Consumer and market research, feedback from distributors and retailers will provide invaluable information that will serve as a launching pad for creative and innovative drink designs. Identifying a trend in drink design and riding the wave can lead to the development of a successful brand.

The drink design process is an evolutionary one. It begins with an idea or concept, and then evolves to recipe formulation. Next is packaging design. At each stage, there is testing, feedback and refinement. Following on a parallel path are the production processes, operations, and marketing. A professional drink designer will orchestrate these functions to achieve synergies.