Drink Manufacturing

Drink manufacturing in the U.S. is arguably the most efficient in the world. Due to its enormous scale, American drink manufacturers are well equipped to produce the highest quality beverages at high speed and low costs. Drink manufacturing has a long history. In the beginning, there were tea plantations that provided the tea for brewers and vineyards that provided the grapes for wine. However, back then, they often produced more than they could consume. There were no beverage bottles or containers, which posed the problem of how to distribute an abundant supply of products. This situation created fertile ground for the introduction of the beverage consultant.

Today the drink manufacturing process operates more efficiently and on a much larger scale. While there are many different types of beverage bottling and drink manufacturer's in the world, the soft drink category is the largest. There is an extensive network of soft drink manufacturer's and the term "soft drink" is derived from the phrase "soda water," dating back to 1798. By 1835, the first bottled soda water paved the way for mainstream beverage bottling. Beverage bottling and distribution got a major kick in the 1950's with the introduction of Diet soft drinks. The business of drink manufacturing thrived through the 1960's and 1970's and by 1982, a sophisticated beverage distribution network was in full force.