Drink Formulation

Balancing all the perfect flavors and sensations creating paradise on the palate is drink formulation. Some of the many aspects taken into consideration when developing a beverage formulation are sensory criteria. Does the drink taste great? Does it smell good? Do the contents look appealing?

If the beverage formulation will boast values like enhanced waters or energy drinks, then identifying nutrients is essential. Nutritional analysis and labeling, inclusive of allergen restrictions and kosher conditions, are all part of the domain of beverage industry experts.

Another important factor when developing a drink formulation is the shelf life and shelf stability of the beverage. The manufacturing facility should have in-house labs and food scientists who specialize in beverage formulation. These same companies can handle the preliminary research as well. Firms with extensive experience in the beverage industry are preferred. Cutting costs may at times be necessary, but cutting quality and the integrity of the process is an invitation for failure when it comes to drink formulation.